C.B. Aycock High Placed On “Soft Lockdown” After Another Social Media Threat

C.B. Aycock High Placed On “Soft Lockdown” After Another Social Media Threat

(GDN) — A Wayne County High School is on a soft lockdown Friday as another threat against the school was posted on social media.  For the second day in a row, extra security measures were taken at Charles B. Aycock High after the threat was spotted online.

Wayne County Public Schools shared the two messages that have been sent to CBA families via the call system:

Message 1
“This message is for parents who have a child enrolled at Charles B. Aycock High School. We want to inform you that our school has been placed in a soft lockdown after the school learned about another social media threat. Law enforcement was notified and we continue to have extra law enforcement presence on our campus. A soft lockdown means instruction and movement inside the building continues without disruption, while exterior doors remain locked and any movement outside the building is closely monitored.  Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.”

Message 2
This is an important message for Charles B Aycock families. Someone has posted false information on social media stating shots have been fired at our school. This is not true. Again, this is not true. We are only in soft lock down due to a social media threat. Please do not call 911 as the sheriff’s department is on our campus and is investigating these continued threats being made on social media.”