Law Enforcement Watches C.B. Aycock Following Social Media Threat

Law Enforcement Watches C.B. Aycock Following Social Media Threat

(GDN) — Students at a Wayne County high school may have noticed increased law enforcement at their school today following a potential threat.  The post circulating on social media had threatened to do harm to Charles B. Aycock High on Thursday.  As is protocol, law enforcement was immediately notified and the matter continues to be investigated. Today, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office provided extra deputies on campus as well as placed extra patrols in the area. The school also kept classroom doors closed and locked during the day and had staff placed in areas trafficked by students between classes.

While recognizing that these types of threats  – much like bomb threats called in or written on restroom walls –  have very low credibility, WCPS does take all threats made against students and staff seriously and will respond accordingly in any instance a report of a threat is made.

The following was communicated to C.B. Aycock parents on Wednesday:

“This is John Bell from Charles B. Aycock High. I want to inform you that today we learned that a screenshot is being circulated amongst students that shows comments from someone on social media threatening to do harm at our school tomorrow. The comments were reported to school staff. Law enforcement was immediately notified to investigate. As part of our protocol, we will have some extra law enforcement presence on our campus tomorrow.
Please talk with your child about the importance of making good choices about the words and comments they make to others and on social media. Please help your child understand that students who are caught making threats or creating rumors about threats could face disciplinary action in accordance with local Board of Education Policy. They could also face criminal charges.  Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.”