State Of The Community: Wayne County Moves Forward With Facility Improvements

State Of The Community: Wayne County Moves Forward With Facility Improvements

(GDN) — Wayne County plans to undertake numerous building projects in the coming months. 

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce’s annual State of the Community provides a look at the last year’s developments in the City of Goldsboro and County of Wayne. 

Tuesday’s event featured updates from city and county leaders who emphasized the idea of “one community.” 

County Board Chairman Wayne Aycock noted the county’s COVID-19 numbers are trending down as they work to get more people vaccinated.

The County has moved its COVID testing and vaccination operations to 1322 W. Grantham Street in Goldsboro (the former Food Lion in the Little River Square shopping center).

Aycock says work continues at the Wayne Executive Jetport where a $3.7 million NCDOT grant is being used for the apron rehabilitation project.

Aycock says the Jetport contributes about $58 million to Wayne County’s economy.

County Manager Craig Honeycutt says the county passed a 4.5-cent tax increase this year for debt service on new facility projects.

The new projects include spending $25 million for a new DSS and Health building, as well as $25 million for the expansion of the Carey A. Winders Detention Facility.

Honeycutt says the county was fortunate to receive a state grant that will help with the construction of the new Fremont Elementary School.

A new hotel is coming to the area by The Maxwell Center thanks to a coordinated effort between the city and county.

Honeycutt says they’re still looking for a restaurant to open near the new hotel.

Tuesday’s State of the Community also featured updates from the Mayor of Goldsboro and the Goldsboro City Manager. 

The complete State of the Community can be viewed here.

Wayne County Board Chairman Wayne Aycock
Wayne County Manager Craig Honeycutt