Jaylee Amy Is Ending Her Cross Country Career In Style

Jaylee Amy Is Ending Her Cross Country Career In Style

Jaylee Amy wanted to make the most of her final season running cross country.

The cross-country standout won every Carolina 1A Conference meet, was named the Carolina 1A Conference female runner of the year, qualified for the 1A state championship meet, and was named Rosewood’s homecoming queen.

“It felt really good. I’ve worked really hard to be where I am,” Amy said.

Heading into the season, Amy set out to try and win every conference meet.

She comes from a family of runners, so she is used to waking up early to go out and run, and she quickly developed that mind-over-matter philosophy that every distance runner needs to become a successful distance runner.

Still, Amy does not coast on her natural talent, and she puts in all the necessary hard work to be a successful runner.

“It was kind of a goal because I’ve been running all four years, and I wanted to go out with a bang for my last season,” Amy said. “I felt a little pressure from my sister since she also went undefeated and my mom is the coach, but it wasn’t anything serious.

“It was something we all wanted to get together.”

During her four years running cross country, Amy has made plenty of memories, but the memories of hanging out with her teammates will stick with her the most.

“It felt good to come together as a team and make it possible with all the practices,” Amy said. “Going out to eat with my team or doing a carb the night before a race those are always fun.

“We are all very close.”

Last season, Amy was also named female runner of the year, but she got sick and could not compete in the state championship meet.

So, this season, Amy, who also swims and plays soccer, is happy she can end her cross country by competing in the state championship meet held at the Ivey Redmon Sports Complex on Saturday.

“I feel good about it,” Amy said.

After graduating from high school at the end of the school year, Amy plans on attending the University of North Carolina Wilmington or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

And regardless of where she ends up, Amy plans to keep on running.

“I’ll probably keep running for fun on the side, but not on a team or anything,” Amy said.