Sheriff Reminds Public To Always Lock Vehicles, Protect Valuables

Sheriff Reminds Public To Always Lock Vehicles, Protect Valuables

Over the past few months, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase in thefts from vehicles. Most of those break-ins have been to unlocked cars or cars where valuables, including guns, purses, money, and car keys, were visible.

Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce urges residents and visitors to lock their car doors, even if they will only be away from their vehicle for a few minutes. Locking car doors, taking valuables with you, or storing them in the trunk, can help reduce the risk of thieves stealing from your car. 

Here are more tips on how to keep your valuables safe:

  • Never leave electronics, such as cell phones, guns, laptops, or any other item of value, in plain sight.
  • Be sure to hide all loose change.
  • Always park in well-lit areas and avoid concealment from larger vehicles.
  • Remove purses or book bags.
  • Completely close windows and sunroofs.
  • Even if your vehicle is parked in your driveway or on your property, still lock the vehicle.
  • Never leave car keys inside the vehicle. This makes it easy for thieves to not only break into the vehicle but also allows them to steal the vehicle as well.

Together, we can significantly reduce the chance of your vehicle becoming a target.