Nov. 12 Will Be “Wellness Day” For All WCPS Students & Staff

Nov. 12 Will Be “Wellness Day” For All WCPS Students & Staff

On Thursday, the Wayne County Board of Education amended its 2021-2022 academic calendars to add a “Wellness Day” on November 12. All Wayne County Public Schools students and staff will be given the day off to have an extended weekend. Superintendent David Lewis released the following statement in response to the Board’s decision:

“While last school year was extremely difficult for students and staff, the 2021-2022 school year has also brought with it many unforeseen challenges. For instance, staffing shortages caused by staff members retiring, leaving the field, or simply being absent due to COVID-19 related exclusions are having a tremendous impact on our schools and the district. In addition to staff picking up added school or departmental duties, for the first time we are experiencing a substitute teacher shortage which is resulting in teachers having to cover other classrooms during their planning periods on a regular basis.

While none of these issues are unique to Wayne County Public Schools, and are occurring across the state and nation, we appreciate our Board’s local efforts to consider strategies that can support staff who are working hard to keep schools operating and education continuing in the classroom for approximately 17,500 students. With the Friday, November 12 ‘Wellness Day’ occurring in between the November 11 Veterans Day holiday and a weekend, staff and students will be able to enjoy a four day break to refresh themselves prior to testing and the many other end of semester activities that will be ramping up later in November and December.”