Athlete Of The Week: Kinsley Botkin

Athlete Of The Week: Kinsley Botkin

A multi-sport athlete, Kinsley Botkin is enjoying her first season in a Princeton jersey.

A junior, Botkin spent her two years of high school at Dixon High School in Holly Ridge before she moved and started to attend Princeton this year.

“It’s different but good,” Botkin said. “I’ve made a lot of new friends and met new teachers. The area is new too.”

Botkin plays soccer and runs cross country. She has been playing soccer for most of her life, but decided to give cross country a try during her freshman season, and now she is really starting to enjoy cross country.

She recently came in second place during a Neuse Six 2A Conference meet and likes pushing herself to get better and faster at each cross-country meet.

“I wanted to get in shape for soccer mostly, and also, my mom was pushing me to try something new,” Botkin said.

Botkin said she will a join the swim team this season and is looking forward to playing another sport and making even more new friends.

“I’ve never tried it. My uncle said I was a strong swimmer, so I should try it,” Botkin said. “I can hold my breath really long too.”

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