Wayne County Teachers Receive Funding For Classroom Projects From UScellular

Wayne County Teachers Receive Funding For Classroom Projects From UScellular

After a year that imposed never-before-seen challenges on students and teachers, UScellular donated $38,700 towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) resources for North Carolina teachers and their students. Through a donation to DonorsChoose, an education non-profit organization that connects public school teachers with interested donors, UScellular provided funding for 251 projects submitted by North Carolina teachers. Nationwide, UScellular donated $100,000 to DonorsChoose and reached 50,000 students in 333 schools by matching donations on more than 600 classroom projects.

To take an active role in addressing equity and gaps in STEM education, UScellular’s funds went to schools where a majority of the students were from low-income households.

Wayne County students at Eastern Wayne Elementary School, Eastern Wayne Middle School, Fremont Stars Elementary School, Greenwood Middle School, North Drive Elementary School, Northeast Elementary School, Northwest Elementary School and Southern Wayne High School received more than $3,800 in resources ranging from laptop computers to other classroom supplies to assist with STEM related activities.

“We all have a role to play in creating a brighter future for tomorrow’s leaders,” said Jeremy Taylor, director of sales for UScellular in eastern North Carolina. “UScellular is proud to work with critical organizations like DonorsChoose to support teachers in eastern North Carolina and here in Wayne County who transform students’ curiosity into real-life application through STEM learning.”

“Thank you so much for your generosity in donating to this grant so that my students could receive laptops. Thanks to you, my students have been able to complete assignments and projects in reading, science and math on skills that they were struggling with. I have created reading assignments online so that they can watch video tutorials to deepen their understanding of our units of instruction. They can listen to stories online, quiz themselves on their understanding and watch educational videos to add to their knowledge. In math, they have used these laptops to solve word problems and watch math educational videos on many topics such as addition with regrouping and place value,” said Mrs. Davis, a teacher at Northeast Elementary School.