Wayne UNC Prepares For Potential Surge In COVID Patients

Wayne UNC Prepares For Potential Surge In COVID Patients

The resurgent coronavirus is sending more patients to Wayne UNC Health Care, and the situation could get worse. 

The local hospital has seen an influx of COVID-positive patients in recent days and weeks. 

Wayne UNC President and CEO Dr. Jessie Tucker tells GoldsboroDailyNews.com the situation is ominous, but, fortunately, Wayne UNC is not at the point of having to turn away patients. 

Dr. Tucker says the latest model from UNC Health shows the local hospital could be overrun with COVID patients in the next month if trends don’t change.

The worst-case scenario shows 100 COVID-positive patients at Wayne UNC by late September, which would be far more than the hospital’s personnel, facility and equipment can handle.

Dr. Tucker says there’s a simple way to avoid a crisis at the local hospital: GET VACCINATED!

Wayne UNC Health Care is asking all patients and visitors to wear a surgical mask provided when they arrive at the hospital. 

According to Wednesday’s update, there were 36 COVID-positive patients at Wayne UNC Health Care. 

Only one of those patients had been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 vaccine is still available through Wayne UNC Health Care, its clinics, as well as other area providers.