Boys Soccer: Rosewood Turns Back Eastern Wayne (PHOTO GALLERY)

Boys Soccer: Rosewood Turns Back Eastern Wayne (PHOTO GALLERY)

After a strange game against North Lenoir where Rosewood let a 2-0 lead slip away and a goose got onto the field, Rosewood looked to get refocused against Eastern Wayne.

Mission accomplished.

The Eagles flew out of the gate and defeated Eastern Wayne 6-0 on Wednesday evening.

“I think played pretty well. We ended up tying North Lenoir 2-2 after we were up 2-0, and we had a goose on the field, so it became like a circus out there,” Rosewood head coach Eddie Maldonado said. “So, I told the boys before we got off the bus ‘that this game is about getting refocused and doing what we’re supposed to do.’

“And we did a pretty good job of that, so I was proud of them.”

Bryce Strickland’s header off of Antonio Zavala-Baeza’s corner kick in the 4th minute gave Rosewood an early 1-0 lead.

Seven minutes later, off another corner kick from Zavala-Baeza, Aaron Zamora collected the ball and buried it into the back of the net.

Carlos Gordillo-Baeza’s shot in the 31st minute ricocheted off of an Eastern Wayne goalie’s hands, and Reece Gery got the deflection and scored to give Rosewood a 3-0 lead.

Zamora and Strickland scored their second goals in the 34th minute and 39th minute, respectively, as the Eagles’ lead swelled to 5-0 at halftime.

“We talked about trying to play our game and pressing a little bit higher, and let’s not worry about what anybody else is trying to do,” Maldonado said. “Let’s implement the stuff that we do at practice. Whatever it is, we try to get better every day.

“I was proud of the way we started.”

Zach Gordon’s goal in the 51st minute capped the Eagles’ scoring.

Rosewood (3-0-1) travels to North Johnston (1-2-1) on Wednesday, and Eastern Wayne (0-3) heads to Greene Central (3-0) on Monday.

“North Johnston should good us a pretty good challenge, and we’re looking forward to a good game,” Maldonado said.


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