UMO Students Help Beautify Mount Olive (PHOTO GALLERY)

UMO Students Help Beautify Mount Olive (PHOTO GALLERY)

On Monday, over 230 first time, first year University of Mount Olive students completed a collective 462 hours of community service throughout the Town of Mount Olive.  The students were dispatched to various areas in the town to paint, stain, mulch, weed, create, cleanup, and landscape.  The students focused their efforts on several areas including Westbrook Park, All the King’s Children, Make a Difference Food Pantry, Genesis Nursing Home, and several areas around the Mount Olive campus and on the streets of Mount Olive. 

 “Giving back is a vital part of our student’s education process and aligns with our University Covenant,” said Director of UMO’s First Year Experience Ashley Gayles.  “Along with familiarizing our students with the town and community, this experience also give our students a chance to create and build a network outside of campus.”

Gayles has worked with Town Mayor Kenny Talton, Town Manager Jammie Royall, and Chamber of Commerce President Julie Beck to select projects and coordinate efforts.

This group of UMO students worked on sprucing up Westbrook Park on Monday.