Speakers Urge WCPS To Ban Teaching Of Critical Race Theory

Speakers Urge WCPS To Ban Teaching Of Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has been a hot topic across the nation in recent weeks.

The controversial idea came to the Wayne County Board of Education meeting this Monday, with three persons speaking against CRT during the public comment period.

Laura Hodges argued the teaching of Critical Race Theory doesn’t make sense because all cultures have made mistakes, but the nation can’t move forward by focusing on those mistakes.

Hodges says she has been doing research, and she’s heard concerns that CRT is “teaching children to hate their white mothers.”

Linda Harper said Critical Race Theory is a “divisive concept” that “teaches children to hate each other, their parents, and those in authority.”

Harper says she has 1,200 signatures on a petition asking the district to ban the teaching of CRT.

School board member Jennifer Strickland urged parents taking issue with CRT to voice their concerns to their child’s teacher.

While opposed to CRT, Strickland says it does contain some ideas that may be worth exploring and teaching.

Originating in the 1970s, Critical Race Theory is an academic movement that aims to examine the intersection of U.S. law and race issues in the country.

As defined on Wikipedia, CRT examines social, cultural and legal issues primarily as they relate to race and racism in the United States.

GoldsboroDailyNews.com has reached out to Wayne County Public Schools for an update on Critical Race Theory in the district’s curriculum.


Linda Harper speaks against the teaching of Critical Race Theory at the July 12th Wayne County Board of Education meeting.