THE HEAT IS ON: Stay Safe On Scorching Summer Days

THE HEAT IS ON: Stay Safe On Scorching Summer Days

The temperatures are rising and that’s leading to an increase in 911 calls for heat emergencies.

Crystal Hardin, a Field Training Officer with Wayne County EMS, says they’ve been responding to more heat-related calls in the last few days, and everyone is at risk.

That can include the elderly, those working in the sun, or athletes playing sports outdoors.

Even walking on hot concrete during a sweltering day is enough to cause a heat-related illness.

There are options for elderly and low income residents that may not have access to proper cooling at home.

Visiting the senior center or getting a cool drink at a local restaurant can provide a respite from the heat.

There are also social services programs that can provide fans for homes.

Hardin says a headache and sweating profusely are all signs you’re becoming overheated.

Heatstroke can include those symptoms except the victim may stop sweating and have an altered mental status.

If you’re feeling overheated, drink some water, get out of the sun and take a break from any strenuous activities.

Today’s highs are expected to be in the low 90s with a heat index of nearly 100 degrees.


Crystal Hardin, Field Training Officer with Wayne County EMS, prepares a water bucket for a hot summer day.