SJAFB Contains Minor Fuel Spill In Stoney Creek

SJAFB Contains Minor Fuel Spill In Stoney Creek

On June 18th, a reader submitted a news tip to regarding a potential fuel spill at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base possibly affecting Stoney Creek.  The reader also provided a photo and video of the potential spill as it made its way into Stoney Creek.

Tuesday, June 29, the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson provided the following update to

“Seymour Johnson AFB experienced a one-time release of approximately 85 gallons of fuel that was identified on June 15 by a noticeable fuel sheen in a ditch,” said Brian Joyner, 4th Civil Engineer Squadron deputy base civil engineer. “The Seymour Johnson AFB Response Team responded immediately by placing fuel absorbing booms in the affected ditch and on the nearby Stoney Creek to mitigate any release downstream.  On Wednesday, June 16, the response team members were on the Neuse River and reported that there was no evidence the fuel release made its way to the river. They walked up the mouth of Stoney Creek and reported no obvious fuel sheen beyond the point where the team had implemented mitigation measures. The response team has been in contact with National Response Center personnel as well as State of North Carolina environmental officials. All agree that proper actions were taken and the rapid response from base personnel was as expected. The Seymour Johnson AFB Response Team is continuing to monitor the situation and keep mitigation measures in place to ensure no residual contaminants remain.”


Reader-submitted photo of the fuel sheen and booms on Stoney Creek near Seymour Johnson AFB on June 18.