WAYNE UNC HEALTH CARE: 125 Years Of Serving The Community

UNC Health Wayne Undergoes Enhancements in Emergency and Pediatric Services

WAYNE UNC HEALTH CARE: 125 Years Of Serving The Community

From its humble beginnings over a horse stable at the corner of Center and Mulberry streets in 1896 to the grand medical facility that now overlooks Wayne Memorial Drive, the Wayne County hospital has served its community for 125 years.

Wayne UNC Health Care is preparing to mark is quasquicentennial with a series of events over the next several months.

In an interview with GoldsboroDailyNews.com, Wayne UNC President and CEO Dr. Jessie Tucker says the buildings and equipment may change, but the employees’ dedication to serving the community’s health care needs has remained the same.

Wayne UNC Health Care President and CEO Dr. Jessie L. Tucker, III

While the last year has presented challenges, Dr. Tucker says he’s grateful for the latest technology that helped health care providers battle COVID-19.

He points out Wayne UNC’s new state-of-the-art operating rooms as well as the surgeons that staff them.

While one can only imagine the tech developments over the next 125 years, Dr. Tucker talks about what health care advances may come to Wayne UNC in the near future.

He believes medical facilities across the world will begin using digital health more frequently after seeing the success with remote medicine during the pandemic.

Dr. Tucker says it is important to use this anniversary to celebrate resilience of the hospital’s employees.

While he’s new at Wayne UNC, Dr. Tucker says the team has rallied during COVID, and he’s already noticed how it operates like a “well-oiled machine.”

Dr. Tucker says Wayne UNC will continue to strive to meet patients where they live in rural areas.

Wayne UNC Health Care plans to officially kick off its 125th anniversary celebration on July 1st.