GOLDSBORO BUDGET: Property Tax Increase OK’d, Utility Rate Hike Nixed

GOLDSBORO BUDGET: Property Tax Increase OK’d, Utility Rate Hike Nixed

A tax increase is in store for Goldsboro property owners.

However, city residents will avoid a water and sewer rate hike this year.

The Goldsboro City Council held a special meeting Friday evening and adopted the city’s new budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

That included approving the new schedule of fees and charges for the city’s wastewater treatment facility.

Goldsboro Finance Director Catherine Gwynn went through the adjusted figures.

With no clear majority in favor of the proposed 15% water and sewer rate increase, the council instead plans to use federal American Rescue Plan funds for needed infrastructure improvements.

The city’s new $68.4 million spending plan includes a three-cent property tax increase, with the rate rising to 68-cents for every $100 of evaluation.

The property tax in the Downtown Municipal Service District will remain unchanged at 23.5-cents per $100 of evaluation.

As part of Friday’s discussion, council member Brandi Matthews asked for the city to look at how it funds community agencies as part of next year’s budget process.

Council member Taj Polack thanked Gwynn and city staff for their work on the new budget, and asked that the city look into setting up a fund to help residents in-need cover their utility bills as part of next year’s budget.


From the Finance Director’s June 18 budget presentation.