Health Communication Specialist Joins United Way & Health Department Mission

Health Communication Specialist Joins United Way & Health Department Mission

The United Way of Wayne County has been a partner with Wayne County’s Health Department, through the Helping Hands Partnership, since the Summer of 2020. Through this collaboration, the UWWC has been able to make a substantial impact on the lives of residents of the Wayne County community. These two organizations share a common goal of health and safety, prioritizing through extensive contact tracing, resident engagement, and providing health education to any person affected by the COVID-19 virus. The continuation of this partnership will further their efforts in supporting the goals and initiatives of the Wayne County Health Department.

In support of the Wayne County Health Department, the United Way of Wayne County would like to announce and welcome, Elizabeth Lynn as the Health Communication Specialist.  While managing a multitude of initiatives offered by the WCHD, she will be working in support of both agencies’ mission; to impact the health and well-being of the citizens of Wayne County. Lynn is a recent graduate from North Carolina Central University and holds a B.S in Public Health Education.  She has acquired five years of experience working with her local Boys & Girls Club and other non-profits after transitioning from a volunteer.

Lynn states, “ My experience with non-profit organizations has shown me the impact they can make in individuals and the community as a whole.  That is why I am eager to connect the community to the much-needed services.”

Wayne County Health Department Director, Dr. Brenda Weis elaborated on this effort stating “We are looking forward to partnering with the United Way of Wayne County to increase the health and wellbeing of our community by expanding the knowledge of our programs, including COVID 19 vaccinations and education.”

UWWC Executive Director, Sherry Archibald shared her enthusiasm stating “The Wayne County Health Department has served as the foundation for supporting our community through one of the most challenging times; the COVID19 pandemic.  Ms. Lynn will be instrumental in strengthening the communication and sharing the message of the Wayne County Health Department.”