New Leader Enjoys First Day With Tuscarora Council Of Boy Scouts

New Leader Enjoys First Day With Tuscarora Council Of Boy Scouts

There’s a new leader of the pack!

Wednesday was the first day on the job for Stuart Goins, the new Scout Executive/CEO of the Tuscarora Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Goins talked with about how his scouting experience helped shape his life.

He joined the Boy Scouts after his pastor brought scouting to his church in Alexandria, LA.

Goins comes to the Tuscarora Council during a time of change for scouting with girls now allowed to join the program.

Goins says that wont change the Boy Scouts’ tenets of character, being prepared, and having a good value system.

In an ever-advancing world, Goins sees scouting as a way to get back to the basics of bringing families together.

He notes so many kids and parents cherish the memories they’ve made during scouting, whether its building a pinewood derby car or going camping together.

Goins says scouting can especially provide great time together during the critical ages of 5-10 when parents have their child’s attention the most.

Before coming to the Tuscarora Council, Goins most recent appointment was serving as the COO for the Boy Scouts of America in Wichita, KS, where he oversaw the scouting operations for 30 counties.

The Tuscarora Council, Boy Scouts of America serve Wayne, Johnston, Duplin, and Sampson counties.


Stuart Goins with the Tuscarora Council of Boy Scouts of America




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