Kresge Foundation Grant Supports Telehealth, Student Learning In Dudley

Kresge Foundation Grant Supports Telehealth, Student Learning In Dudley

The Wayne County Health Department was awarded a Kresge Foundation grant in the amount of $27,000 to help support rural families through telehealth and remote learning opportunities for students.

In an effort to fulfill their mission of promoting human progress, the Kresge Foundation has been awarding grants for more than 80 years.  “I’ve had the privilege of partnering with the Kresge Foundation in other cities I’ve worked; and it has always been a partnership for innovative engagement to support my community, extending that partnership to the United Way of Wayne County was an added bonus” said Dr. Brenda Weis, Wayne County Health Department.

The grant supported funding for 25 families to be provided Chromebooks, and in some cases, wireless internet with one year of service. With the Chromebooks, parents have access to telehealth appointments at the Health Department. Students can use the computers for remote learning and educational activities.  Weis continued “The pandemic absolutely altered our way of health education as well as ways we can serve our community, when our community can find a connection, it will alleviate fears and educate families, these families can feel connected and supported.”

Anyone wishing to request a telehealth appointment should contact the Wayne County Health Department at 919-731-1005.

United Way of Wayne County staff met with the families at Brogden Primary to provide information about telehealth, 2-1-1 and smart data usage as well as help families get familiar with the computers and internet access. Families were also given flyers about COVID vaccines and prescription discount cards. “We were happy to continue our partnership with the Wayne County Health Department. Facilitating this project allowed us to meet our mission of bringing resources and people together to improve lives”, said Sherry Archibald, UWWC Executive Director.


Photo of UWWC Community Health Worker setting up the computers.