Dr. Walker Reflects On Time, Successes At WCC

Dr. Thomas A Walker Jr.

Dr. Walker Reflects On Time, Successes At WCC

Wayne Community College’s leader is hoping to keep making an impact during his last weeks at the campus.

Since September of 2016, Dr. Thomas A. Walker, Jr. has led the local community college forward, overseeing ongoing expansions of WCC’s programs and facilities.

When talking about his accomplishments, Dr. Walker says it all comes down to student success, and he has been at the helm as the college saw its three successive largest graduating classes.

Dr. Walker says one project he’ll be focusing on in his remaining time is the creation of the CITE (Center for Industrial Technology and Engineering).

Phase 1 of the CITE – the welding lab – has already been completed, and WCC will be seeking the funds for the next phase.

In July, Dr. Walker says Foundation of Wayne Community College will begin a fundraising campaign for the CITE once state and county funding becomes known.

During his time at WCC, the college and local area has been hit by two crippling hurricanes and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Walker wants to help get college enrollment back to its pre-COVID-19 levels and growing again.

He says one of the college’s strength is bringing people together and providing a safe and healthy environment for students to gather.

Dr. Walker says he was humbled every time he handed out a diploma, degree or certificate to a WCC student.

He hopes those students will look back and realize that WCC was just one of many stepping stones to something greater in their lives.

Walker says the work and mission of WCC will continue no matter who is sitting in the president’s chair.

Dr. Walker is moving on to become the Senior Advisor for Economic Development and Military Affairs for the University of North Carolina System.

His last day at WCC is July 23rd.


Dr. Thomas A. Walker Jr., president of Wayne Community College, addresses his college’s Student Government Association.