Proposed Goldsboro Budget Gets Public Hearing

Proposed Goldsboro Budget Gets Public Hearing

The City of Goldsboro is looking at tax and water and sewer rate increases, and some residents are not happy about it.

The Goldsboro City Council held a public hearing on the City Manager’s recommended 2021-2022 Fiscal Year Budget Monday evening.

City Manager Tim Salmon says the new budget includes $68.2 million in revenue, an increase of 6.8% from last year.

Salmon says the budget does not include a new Herman Park Center or Goldsboro Fire Station 3.

Salmon also says he could not justify asking for an additional tax increase to include employee pay increases for cost-of-living, performance and bonuses this year.

Goldsboro Finance Director Catherine Gwynn says they have not recommended using any fund balance in the general fund, and the city has implemented spending freezes and will continue to delay hiring until roughly January.

The proposed budget includes a three-cent property tax increase as well as a water and sewer rate increase of 15% for all rate categories.

There is also a suggested change in public utility surcharges and fees.

Council member Hiawatha Jones says she’s listened to her constituents and she cannot agree to an increase in the water and sewer rates.

When talking about the water and sewer rate increases, Council member Taj Polack says “the can has been kicked down the road for decades.”

Several residents spoke against the new budget’s rate increases during Monday’s public hearing.

The council is planning to hold another work session on the proposed financial plan before giving the new budget final approval, which could happen at the next regular council meeting on June 21st.


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