UPDATE: County Lowers Tax Increase In New Budget

UPDATE: County Lowers Tax Increase In New Budget

Wayne County is moving forward with a tax increase as part of its new budget.

At Tuesday’s county board meeting, County Manager Craig Honeycutt explained they have reduced the tax increase from what was first proposed thanks to a few cuts and savings found in the recommended plan.

Commissioners Chris Gurley and Barbara Aycock both talked about the need for upgraded sewer systems throughout the county.

Aycock says the current sewer systems are insufficient, especially for new developments.

Commissioner Bevan Foster says the county has to start moving forward with improvements and he’s for the proposals in the new financial plan.

The new budget now includes a property tax rate increase of $.044 from $.6635 per $100 evaluation to $.7075 if capital projects are included.

That means the owner of a $100,000 piece of property would pay $707.50 annually.

The recommended tax increase is due solely to $58 million of new debt for several facility projects:

  • $5 million for Fremont Elementary
  • $25 million for the new Health/DSS Human Services Building
  • $25 million for the new Jail
  • $3 million to support the completion of the Wayne Community College Advance Manufacturing Center

The proposed property tax increase brought two citizens to Tuesday’s public hearing to voice their opposition.

UPDATE: The Wayne County Commissioners voted and approved the 2021-2022 budget at the end of Tuesday’s meeting.  Also, the commissioners approved beginning the RFQ process for architecture and construction manager-at-risk for the DSS/health facility.