City Donates Property For Sheriff’s New Addiction Recovery Program

City Donates Property For Sheriff’s New Addiction Recovery Program

A Goldsboro home is being donated to assist persons struggling with drug abuse and addiction.

At Monday’s Goldsboro City Council meeting, Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce asked the council to bestow the property at 807 Nile Street to Hope Restorations, Inc.

Pierce says this is part of the sheriff’s office new program to help reduce recidivism amongst addicts.

The program has a need to supply its graduates with affordable housing.

Wayne County Jail Navigator Michelle Bass says Hope Restorations will help the former addicts rehabilitate homes in the area, teaching them home repair skills while also providing affordable housing for persons in the program.

Another benefit is this will improve deteriorating homes in the community.

If the program is successful locally, more properties would be added to provide experience to the recovering addicts while renovating more area homes.

Tim Chase with Hope Restorations says they’ve already had success with the program in Lenoir County.

Chase says some former addicts in the program have gone on to careers in electrical and plumbing after their experience working on the homes through Hope Restorations.

The Goldsboro City Council approved the conveyance of the Nile Street property to Hope Restorations Monday evening.

The Nile Street home was city owned with a tax value of $25,450.


Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce talks about the Hope Restoration, Inc. program with the Goldsboro City Council Monday evening.