Saluting Seymour

Saluting Seymour

Every week, Saluting Seymour and SoundScope highlight an airman serving at the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.

Senior Airman Melena Smith from the 4th Fighter Wing

Smith has been in the Air Force nearly four years.  She comes to Goldsboro from Dayton, Ohio.  Smith works on the jet engines at Seymour Johnson.  Her training to work in Aerospace Propulsions included on-the-job training while she was stationed overseas at her first duty station.  Smith has been in Goldsboro at the beginning of 2020 after being stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England.  Smith says she enjoyed having her family visit when she was stationed overseas.  She says the camaraderie with fellow airmen was important while stationed outside of the U.S.  Smith admits coming to Goldsboro was a bit of an adjustment after being stationed in England.  She enjoys hiking at Cliffs of the Neuse or visiting the beach and mountains when time permits.  Smith says education and finishing her degree will be a big benefit from her Air Force career. She also appreciates the opportunity to travel and the sense of accomplishing something meaningful.


Smith SoundScope

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