WCC’s Boiler Operator Training Starts May 17

WCC’s Boiler Operator Training Starts May 17

Wayne Community College is offering a course to train Boiler Systems Operators.

Boiler operators regulate, repair, and maintain heating systems in boiler, engine, and mechanical rooms, usually in industries and schools.

There is a local need for trained boiler system operators, said Lisa Newkirk, a coordinator for the Workforce Continuing Education Services division.

“Boilers are everywhere,” Newkirk said. “The industry is not dying but workers are aging out.”

The course will be taught in hybrid format, with in-person classes on the campus 6-9 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays and other portions provided online. Class dates are May 17 through Aug. 5.

This course will introduce students to boiler systems. Topics will include boiler basics, terminology, types of boilers, combustion and burner calibration, boiler water treatment, boiler operation, feed water components and equipment, steam accessories, safety and control devices, combustion and burner calibration, and boiler room safety.

The instructor is an experienced boiler operator and inspector.

Directions for registration for this course are available at www.waynecc.edu/continuing-ed/register/. The registration fee is $180.

For more information on this course, contact Newkirk at 919-739-6931 or [email protected].

WCC requires that all who work, study, or conduct business in its facilities wear face coverings indoors and outdoors when in group settings, as well as follow standard health protocols.

For a full schedule of Workforce Continuing Education courses, including other short-term training options, go to www.waynecc.edu/continuing-ed/course-schedule/.



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