City Planning For $8.7 Million From The American Rescue Plan

City Planning For $8.7 Million From The American Rescue Plan

Another round of coronavirus relief funding is coming to local governments, and the City of Goldsboro is planning how to spend its share.

At the last council meeting, Goldsboro City Manager Tim Salmon explained the city is expecting $8.7 million through the American Rescue Plan – $4.375 million this year and another $4.375 million next year.

Salmon went through some of the potential priorities for the local funding from the American Rescue Plan.

One of Salmon’s priorities involves looking at the city’s aging water and sewer systems, including a phase three sewer rehabilitation and replacement project in the northern area of the city as well as a 2019 plan to replace undersized water mains throughout the city.

The city manager is also suggesting using the funds to help stabilize the budget following a year of cuts due to expected revenue losses.

Goldsboro Public Utilities Director Mike Wagner urged the city to decide on spending the funding quickly as prices are going up.

The recommendations for the ARP funding will be included in the city manager’s budget submission to the council.

Keep in mind, local governments have not received detailed guidance on how the funding must be spent.


Recommendations from City Manager Tim Salmon’s ARP presentation to the Goldsboro City Council.


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