C.B. Aycock’s Bass Signs NLI With Catawba College

C.B. Aycock’s Bass Signs NLI With Catawba College

Turner Bass went searching for the comforts away from home and found them at Catawba College.

Bass signed a national letter of intent to play football next fall for the Catawba Indians, who compete in the South Atlantic Conference.

“It was a long journey trying to get here,” Bass said. “I’m just glad it’s here and glad it’s over.”

There was just something about Catawba College that appealed to the C.B. Aycock senior.

He enjoyed touring the campus and interacting with friendly people, which made him realize he was in the right place.

“Coach Walker (Catawba head coach Curtis Walker) reached out to me and was really cordial and forward with me saying ‘we want you here, you can play here, and you can earn your way on the field,’ so I went and visited, and everything was cool.

“All the people really liked me.”

Bass, who also wrestles, has quite the career at C.B. Aycock. He helped lead the Golden Falcons to a 7-5 record in 2019. Bass only played six games that season due to an injury, but his leadership on the sidelines was an essential factor in their success.

This season, Bass’ leadership was needed more than ever. It was an unpredictable season, but Bass and the other seniors on the team kept things steady throughout the season.

“I’m very happy for him and his family. He’s a hard-working kid,” Former C.B. Aycock head coach Steve Brooks said. “I’m just happy for him, and I’m excited to see what his future holds.

“He’s a wonderful young man, and I can’t say enough nice things about him.”

Catawba played only two games last season and has not had a winning season since 2018, but with Bass on the roster, the Catawba Indians will look to return to their winning ways.

Bass, who plans to major in tech major and minor in business, thinks it is the perfect opportunity for him to keep improving. He will bring numerous intangibles — hustle, leadership, work ethic, and people interaction — to the field for the Catawba Indians.