Wayne County Emergency Management Monitoring Fuel Disruptions

Wayne County Emergency Management Monitoring Fuel Disruptions

On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline system reported a ransomware cyber-attack, resulting in a temporary shutdown of that line. The Colonial Pipeline is a fuel pipeline that delivers a majority of the fuel products to North Carolina. Governor Roy Cooper has loosened restrictions on vehicles transporting petroleum products in North Carolina to assist in keeping gas stations supplied during this time. North Carolina Emergency Management is working with the State Energy Office and other partners to ensure proactive measures are in place should the incident worsen. At this time, the pipeline is expected to be back online this week.

Residents can help prevent shortages by only purchasing fuel as they need it. Fuel supplies remain strong, and it is still being delivered to retailers. Supplies are only scarce due to panic buying of fuel products. In the meantime, the County of Wayne is implementing some simple fuel reduction plans for non-emergency departments to help ease the demand for gasoline in our area. Many of these items can also be helpful for residents during this time.

  • If the trip can be avoided, please do not make the trip.
  • Do not leave vehicles idling. Idling does not consume a large amount of fuel; however, this is a small preventative measure that can be taken.
  • Maximize the number of passengers in a vehicle for a trip.