County Commissioners Begin Talks On Flooding Issues

County Commissioners Begin Talks On Flooding Issues

A discussion is underway on how to address flooding problems in Wayne County.

At the last Wayne County Board meeting, Commissioner Bevan Foster brought up his concerns regarding the ongoing flooding that occurs regularly throughout the county.

Foster suggests bringing in professionals to look at steps for solving Wayne County’s flooding issues, including looking at improving ditches and roadways.

Commissioner Foster says residents also need to be able to go out and access grocery stores and other essential businesses during flooding events.

Commissioner Chris Gurley says the local delegation in the General Assembly is working on measures that could help abate flooding problems.

Gurley says NCDOT doesn’t have the resources to regularly maintain area ditches.

Commissioner Gurley also says the flooding is exacerbated as more impervious surfaces are built.

Commissioner Antonio Williams says there’s an economic value in addressing the flooding issues as residents have already fled their homes due to continued flooding.

County Manager Craig Honeycutt is recommending the Planning Board get involved and work on some information and suggestions to address the flooding issues in Wayne County.

It was also noted that this was likely the beginning of a process that would take some time.