Athletes Of The Week: Morgan Haswell

Athletes Of The Week: Morgan Haswell

One of three seniors on the Rosewood girls’ soccer team this season, Morgan Haswell has helped lead the Eagles through an unpredictable season.

Rosewood head coach Eddie Maldonado said he could not have asked for a better group of seniors this season, and he was impressed by Haswell’s rare mix of grace and tenacity.

“You can’t ask for a better group than those three seniors. They come to practice every single day, and they work hard every single day,” Maldonado said. “I don’t have to ask them to do stuff; they just do it.”

She scored two goals in the Eagles’ last three games, and the Eagles finished the season with a 5-3-1 overall record.

And against Princeton on Wednesday, Haswell scored the game-winning goal that gave the Eagles a 3-2 win over their archrivals.

“I was really excited, and I just wanted cheer,” Haswell said about the game-winning goal. “It was good knowing that I scored that goal.”

Haswell, who also a cheerleader, first latched on to soccer as a child. She played soccer in middle school, and she was quickly hooked.

As she developed a bond with coaches and teammates in high school, Haswell improved in every aspect of the game.

She never thought soccer would become this integral ingredient into who she is as a person.

“I’ve always been a cheerleader, and in middle school, I kind of wanted to get out of that girly zone, so I played in middle school, and I really loved it.

“So, I was definitely playing in high school.”

Haswell missed out on her junior season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Eagles only played four games before the season was shut down.

And while losing last season was difficult, and this season has had its up and downs, Haswell is glad to just be back on the field playing sports with her friends.

“We got a lot closer this season because we didn’t have a season last year because of COVID,” Haswell said. “We tried really hard to do the best that we could.”

While it looks like soccer comes easily to Haswell, she certainly works hard to achieve the results she does.

One of her best assets is her leadership. Maldonado said he could always count on Haswell and the other seniors to keep the team focused.

She admits that it is difficult to balance sports, schoolwork, her social life, and her job, but over the years, Haswell has found a routine that works for her.

Haswell plans to attend Wayne Community College and hopes to become a dental hygienist, but for now, she is focused on finishing out her senior season.

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