Groups Work To Make Wayne County More Resilient For Children

Groups Work To Make Wayne County More Resilient For Children

Special attention is being given to Wayne County’s children this month, and advocates are hoping the effort continues well beyond April.

Melissa Harrell is the Mental Health Services Manager at WAGES Head Start/Early Head Start.

She says one goal during Positive Parenting Awareness Month is to let the community know about the local programs that are available to assist families.

A “one-stop shop” brochure featuring all of the parenting programs in Wayne County is now available at the Wayne County Public Library or the WAGES and Partnership for Children offices.

Harrell says WAGES and the Partnership for Children of Wayne County are screening a documentary “Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope.”

The documentary will cover how children are affected by adverse childhood experiences, including abuse or homes with substance use disorders.

The film will also show how the community can work together to become stronger and more resilient for its children.

“Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope” is being screened this Thursday, April 29th at the Paramount Theatre at 12 PM.

To register to attend the screening, call 919-735-3371 ext. 227 or email [email protected].

Moving ahead, Harrell says they’re planning to build a resiliency task force for Wayne County to help its kids.

The group will be looking for residents from all sectors (law enforcement, school system, churches, etc.) to be a part of the resiliency task force which will meet monthly.