Jail’s Substance Misuse Program Hopes To End “Rotating Door”

Jail’s Substance Misuse Program Hopes To End “Rotating Door”

With nearly $1 million coming to the county, the Wayne County Detention Center is hoping to reduce the recidivism rate for persons dealing with substance addiction.

Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce talked about the jail’s new Substance Misuse Program at last week’s meeting of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

Pierce says sheriff’s department nationwide are facing the problem of a “rotating door” where inmates with substance abuse issues keep coming into the local jail.

Sheriff Pierce says the new program will allow the jail staff to start administering medications to inmates that qualify for the Substance Misuse Program.

The program will also continue once the person gets out of jail.

Sheriff Pierce notes that many people are unable to get help with their substance abuse because they do not have insurance.

Jail Navigator Michelle Bass went through the process to get inmates into the program.

Bass says staff has been trained to offer medication assisted treatment which will include suboxone, a medication used to manage withdrawal of opioid use disorder.

The Comprehensive Opioid Stimulant Substance Abuse grant will provide the county with $900,000 for a three year period.  The funds come from the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance.

The Wayne County Detention Center Substance Misuse Program unifies a collaborative approach between:

  • The Wayne County Detention Center
  • Southern Health Partners
  • One to One with Youth, Inc.
  • Day Reporting Center
  • Wayne County Health Department
  • Coalition for Addiction and Life Management (CALM).

Now, booked inmates, identified with a substance misuse disorder, may voluntarily participate with the program for access to a Peer Support Specialist, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Medicated Assisted Therapy (MAT) treatment, and Naloxone kits.


Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce talks about the Detention Center’s new Substance Misuse Program at Tuesday’s county board meeting.