C.B. Aycock’s McIver Signs NLI With Toccoa Falls College

C.B. Aycock’s McIver Signs NLI With Toccoa Falls College

When Toccoa Falls College called, John McIver answered.

McIver, who has a deep passion for soccer and God, signed a national letter of intent to play soccer with Screaming Eagles on Wednesday.

“It’s just exciting, and I’m just very grateful to be able to do what I enjoy and do it for God,” McIver said.

Located in Toccoa Falls, Ga, Toccoa Falls College first piqued McIver’s interest after hearing about it from his friend Michael Guthrie, who attended Eastern Wayne High School and is now a freshman at Toccoa Falls.

A member of Faith Alliance Church, McIver’s pastor Ben Landes also attend Toccoa Falls College, and McIver said he felt a calling to become a Screaming Eagles.

“He’s a great guy,” McIver said about Landes.

McIver started playing soccer in the fourth grade, but he did not play soccer in the fifth grade. However, from sixth grade on, McIver developed a love for the game.

McIver’s brothers played high school soccer, so it made sense that he would follow in their footsteps.

“My brothers played before I played, and they got me into it,” McIver said. “They were always watching soccer, and I would see it on TV. I just enjoy the game.”

After a tough junior season where the Golden Falcons went 3-20, McIver and his teammates worked hard during the offseason to get better, and this season, the Golden had a bounce-back year.

C.B. Aycock had a 7-4-1 overall record. He scored two goals and dished out four assists. But McIver’s impact on the Golden Falcons is more significant than a stat sheet.

He led the Golden Falcons in prayer before every game and held a weekly bible study.

McIver plans to go into the ministry, and he wants to continue to serve God on and off the soccer pitch.

“I was raised a Christian, but I wasn’t always a Christian. My father is a youth pastor, and he’s always brought me up in that in manner,” McIver said. “It’s just something that God called me to and something he’s been drawing me to my whole life.”

C.B. Aycock head coach Dominick Albano said McIver’s skill and his ability to relate to players would serve him well at the next level.

“He’s a special player. He’s lightning-fast, and he can be a real danger at the next level,” Albano said.