Goldsboro-Wayne County To Be Featured On WRAL’s Out & About

Goldsboro-Wayne County To Be Featured On WRAL’s Out & About

An episode of WRAL’s Out & About featuring Goldsboro-Wayne County will premiere at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 7 on Channel 5. The segment will highlight five locations throughout Wayne County and encourage safe travel throughout the spring and summer months.

WRAL Out & About appeals to those looking to travel throughout North Carolina and discover new locations where they can explore, shop, eat or drink. Focused in the Triangle, WRAL’s Out & About target demographic of travelers are looking to go on a meaningful day or weekend trip in the upcoming warmer months. With that premise, Goldsboro-Wayne County is an appealing location, as it is home to a large selection of small businesses, family-owned farms, and a wide selection of “hidden gems” that are unique to the area.

The Visit Goldsboro office worked closely with each location and the WRAL Out & About team to ensure the resulting segment would be meaningful and exciting, while also highlighting locations outside of the city of Goldsboro, such as Mount Olive, Fremont and Pikeville. The filming of the segment took place March 22, 2021 and highlighted R & R Brewing, Odom Farming Company, the Governor Charles B. Aycock Birthplace Historic Site, Vailhouse Oyster Bar & Grille, and the monthly pop-up shop, Gold City Video.

“Wayne County is full of such rich history, passionate people, an abundance of small and family-owned businesses, and a combination of generational Eastern, North Carolina heritage, but with a constant flow of new residents from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. That creates such a unique environment for a visitor experience because you get these traditional elements of Southern hospitality, charm and community, while mixing in these “totally fly” and fresh things like breweries, agritourism, pop-up shops, and a broad international culinary scene. That is what we wanted to showcase when creating this segment, that beautiful duality.” Joanna Ferrin, Communications & Creative Services Manager of Travel and Tourism for Goldsboro-Wayne County.

After the premiere, the episode will be available for viewing on the WRAL website on Thursday, April 8, 2021 and will be shared on the Visit Goldsboro, NC Facebook page.