Neuse River Search Continues With No Results

Neuse River Search Continues With No Results

A father and son are still missing following a weekend of searching along the Neuse River near Goldsboro.  Crews have spent days searching the river after the father and son went into the water at the boat launch off Highway 117 south of Goldsboro Wednesday evening.

Search operations resumed Sunday morning with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office K9 team, aviation team and drone support.  Arr-Mac Water Rescue, Grantham V.F.D., Rosewood V.F.D., Seven Springs V.F.D., Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, and NC Marine Patrol conducted river patrols with sonar.  Additional K9 resources from Cumberland County were brought in Sunday afternoon to assist and help expand the search area.  The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has also been consulting with out-of-state resources to assist with the search efforts.

Weather impacted the search operation only briefly Sunday.  Once again, the water search operations are being suspended until the morning.