Athletes Of The Week: Allie Lane

Athletes Of The Week: Allie Lane

When Southern Wayne’s Allie Lane started playing softball when she was six years old, she was instantly hooked.

Her cousin played baseball, and there was something about hitting, catching and running the bases that intrigued her, and she decided she was going to play softball in high school.

“I got into from there,” Lane said.

She made varsity as a freshman and helped lead the Saints to playoffs, and despite the following season getting cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she made significant strides as a sophomore.

And now, as a junior, she ready to build upon that hard work.

“It was very heartbreaking,” Lane said about losing a season of her favorite sport. “It’s very enjoyable. You definitely take every minute of it like it’s your last, so you go all out.”

Lane, who also plays volleyball, has come a long way from the start of her high school career. She has aspirations of playing softball in college, so Lane is always hungry to improve her craft.

She has always enjoyed the individual and team aspects of softball, how every player must do their part for the greater good.

Slacking is not an option because every player is responsible for the success of the team.

“I went to go to ECU of UNCW,” Lane said. “UNCW is my top pick, and I want to play there and major in physical therapy.”

Much like other student-athletes, she must balance athletics with her job, academics and social life. Lane said it was a little challenging to find the balance, but now as a junior, it is much easier to balance everything going on in her life.

A hard worker on and off the field, Lane is the type of student-athlete that other members of the team can look up to, and her hard work excellence motivates those around her to do their best.

“We definitely have very tight bonds between each other, and we just work together as a team,” Lane said. “We fight through the hard losses, and fun wins.”

Lane still has a year left in her high school career, but there are plenty of goals she wants to achieve before her high school career is over.

In the short term, she hopes to help lead the Saints back to the playoffs, while in the long term, she hopes to keep playing softball after her high school career is over.

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