Pikeville Reports Wastewater Discharge

Pikeville Reports Wastewater Discharge

The Town of Pikeville reports it had a discharge of untreated wastewater on Monday, March 22, of an estimated 2,500 gallons at the Collections System located at 101 Ham Street. The discharge occurred from the result of a grease and debris in the lines. According to Envirolink, Inc., the untreated wastewater entered the Pikeville Plough which flows into Granny Branch Creek.

Envirolink’s staff found evidence that the surface water did reach the Granny Branch Creek. However, as required, Envirolink notified the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality on March 22, 2021, and the Division of Water Resources is reviewing the matter.

Envirolink operates the Town of Pikeville’s WWTP and wastewater collection system which provides service to the Town of Pikeville.  For more information please contact Envirolink at (252)235-4900.

This notice is required by North Carolina General Statutes Article 21 Chapter 143.215.C.