UMO Launches Focus to Finish Initiative

UMO Launches Focus to Finish Initiative

The University of Mount Olive has been specializing in adult online education for many years. In fact, adult undergraduate students account for more than half of the University of Mount Olive’s enrollment. It is therefore no surprise that the institution is continually looking at new programs and methods to ensure these students are successful in their studies and in their future careers. Focus to Finish is a new Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) initiative aimed at increasing persistence, retention, and graduation rates by helping adult online students with their writing and research skills.

“Best practices research indicates that adult student learning and success improves when courses are intentionally designed with adult learners in mind and access to support services such as writing assistance is provided,” said Lisa Nuesell, Associate Vice President for Adult and Graduate Enrollment.

Nuesell indicated that UMO has comprised a comprehensive team of faculty and staff, across many departments, to develop key project outcomes and associated strategies in the areas of writing and research to enhance the adult online student experience.

Ulric Hill, Academic Resource Center Director said, “Our goal is to strengthen peer writing support as well as coordinate with library staff to assist adult learners with improving their research skills in a virtual environment.”

“Improving the writing skills of students is at the heart of student learning and will ensure that UMO graduates acquire the skills and knowledge needed for the successful completion of their program of studies and future employment and/or advanced studies aspirations,” Nuesell agreed.

“We expect that our QEP Focus to Finish initiative will have a long term effect on student learning and will emphasize improvement on writing skills in initial courses taken, and after establishing a solid foundation, the improvement will be demonstrated within all the disciplines and programs of studies.”