Updated Look At WCPS Student Struggles During Pandemic

Updated Look At WCPS Student Struggles During Pandemic

The difficulties faced by students during the pandemic are becoming clearer.

At last week’s meeting of the Wayne County Board of Education, Executive Director of Teaching & Learning and Federal Programs Dr. Carol Artis gave a update on student proficiency since the start of the school year.

For instance, when looking at K-2 STAR Early Literacy Data, 34.85% of students met the state benchmark at the beginning of the school year, while that number improved to 43.3% of students reaching the benchmark following the winter holiday break.

In grades 3-8 ELA (English Learning Arts) and math, 76.17% of students were passing this year compared to 95.83% passing at the same time last school year.

These drops in student proficiency have been seen across the nation as students take many of their classes virtually.

Dr. Artis noted the district is planning on a K-12 summer school session focused on core subjects for students that are in danger of falling behind during remote learning.

Artis says Wayne County Public Schools has implemented early education initiatives in grades kindergarten and first.

She said a third grade extended day initiative will be launched this month.

Dr. Artis also shared that the district will be launching a needs assessment to determine how to best address other issues brought on as a result of the State’s and nation’s COVID-19 responses.


The full student proficiency reports are linked below.

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