City Looks At Staggering Council Member Terms

City Looks At Staggering Council Member Terms

The Goldsboro City Council is looking at staggering the terms for council members.

At the Goldsboro City Council retreat in late February, Assistant City Manager Randy Guthrie explained the city’s charter would need to be changed in order to adjust when council members are elected.

Guthrie explained there are two ways to change the charter:

  • The city could ask for a referendum and seek 10% of voters to sign a petition asking for an election on the matter.  If 10% of voters don’t sign the petition asking for the election, the matter would become law.
  • The city could just hold a special election on the potential charter amendment

Right now, all of the Goldsboro City Council seats are up for election at the same time every four years.

Following the agreement at the council retreat, the issue of staggered terms will be brought to Goldsboro City Council at an upcoming meeting.