NAACP Works To Solve Complaint Filed At Hosptial

NAACP Works To Solve Complaint Filed At Hosptial

On Monday, Sylvia E. Barnes, President of the Goldsboro-Wayne NAACP branch; Dr. Gregory Holmes, Branch Legal Redress Chair; and a police officer (who is a paid staff person at Wayne UNC Healthcare) met with three members of the Wayne UNC Healthcare Board in Goldsboro.  Barnes asked for a meeting with the board after several attempts to solve the complaint filed with the Goldsboro-Wayne NAACP branch, could not be justifiably solved with the hospital’s Human Resource Office. The officer filed a complaint with the Wayne-Goldsboro NAACP after reportedly receiving racial slurs from his supervisor.

During the meeting, it was noted by the Human Resource Office and the Goldsboro-Wayne NAACP, that other staff members had contacted the Human Resource Office in reference to unfair treatment at the hospital.

At the conclusion of the meeting, both parties agreed to meet again, in six months for a status report. The hospital board agreed to work on ensuring that all employees are treated justly, more diversity is put in place, and hiring and firing practices are carefully reviewed. The Goldsboro-Wayne NAACP says it strongly recommended that people placed in supervisory roles are fair to all employees, regardless of race, and are trained in leadership roles, accountability, and responsibility. According to the NAACP, the hospital noted that the supervisor in question is no longer employed there.