County Approves Rate Hike For Genoa Sewer Customers

County Approves Rate Hike For Genoa Sewer Customers

A sewer rate increase is coming for some Wayne County residents.

At this week’s Wayne County Board meeting, County Manager Craig Honeycutt laid out the reasons for the rate hike for the Genoa Sanitary Sewage system.

Honeycutt says the system is losing money between the increased rates in the City of Goldsboro and the high operational costs.

Facilities Services Director Kendall Lee says they’ve worked to come up with as minimal of a rate increase as possible.

Lee recommended the county adopt a 10.5% rate increase for inside rates and a 10.2% increase for outdoor rates.

Lee also says they’re proposing a minimum charge for customers that use a minimal amount of water.

Commissioner Wayne Aycock reminds the county is the sewer business but it does not own a sewer plant.

All the sewage goes through the City of Goldsboro.

So, if the city raises its rates, that impacts the county. The city is also looking at a potential water and sewer rate increase.

The Wayne County Board of Commissioners approved the Genoa Sewer rate increase.