Teams Meet To Share Water Rescue Capabilities (PHOTO GALLERY)

Teams Meet To Share Water Rescue Capabilities (PHOTO GALLERY)

Saturday morning, members of Wayne County’s several water rescue teams met at the Mar-Mac Fire Station on Old Grantham Road.  The event was hosted by members of the Arr-Mac Water Response Team.  The idea was to bring together all the local fire departments that have water response capabilities to help them become familiar with one another’s equipment.  Attending the event were:

  • Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team with their two quick response vehicle
  • Arr-Mac Water Response Team with multiple trailers and boats
  • Goldsboro Water Rescue Team with several of their boats
  • Rosewood Fire Department Water Rescue Team and several boats
  • Grantham Fire Department and their boat

Wayne County is fortunate to have these resources available to respond to water rescue and flooding in the community.

NOTE: Seven Springs also has several boats for water rescue, but was unable to bring their equipment to Saturday’s event.