Mary L. White

Mary L. White

February 21, 2021, 80, Fremont –

It is with profound sorrow and grief that we the management and staff of Serenity Memorial Funeral Home join with the White and connected families to announce the earthly transition of Mrs. Mary L White, 80, years of age. Mrs White, transitioned at the comfort of her home on Sunday.

Mary “Lil Louise” White was born Dec 24, 2021 in Beaufort County, James and Mary Elisabeth Moore. Mary received her early education at Pantego School, Pantego, NC. Mary is preceded in death by husband Javin V. White, Sisters Margaret Crandle, Nellie, and baby sister: Children Van Griffin, and a set of twins.Mary accepted Christ at an early age and was born with many gifts from the Lord. She would often be seen talking and playing with imaginary friends, but the holy ghost revealed she was surrounded by and entertaining angels. Mary was loved dearly by the Lord and He has always walked with her and talked to her. If Mary spoke over your life it would surely come to pass and at an early age she was taught by her grandmother Bell Moore to be careful what she spoke especially in anger. She was a very anointed, meek, misunderstood little girl growing up, but she was set apart for such a time as this. With these giftings and profound wisdom Mary would use to rear 5 children Theodore W. Griffin Jr, Calvin E. Griffin, Cynthia D. Griffin, Leoardus V. White, Maurica White: in all it would have been 11 children if all had lived. Mary whom was affectionately known as “Lil Louise” was known for her sassiness, fire, strength, fierceness, love, kindness, tenderness, hugs, and kisses, sacrifices for her children & grandchildren, the fight because she didn’t take no junk, her writings because she loved to write journals all the way up till the end, her love of the Lord and not to mention her great faith that lead her into eternal glory. Mary leaves behind a host of family members who shall never forget her, her presence, her zest for life, her strong will and manifestations that followed her. She was filled with such wisdom that was evident it came from above. She was everyone’s mother and she would feed anyone who came through the doors. Mary had a heart as big and wide as the sky is from the ocean floors. She loved and she loved hard and fiercely and forever. Because of who she was, we are and because of who she was she is responsible for 11 grand kids, 21 great grands and 3 great great grands. Now that is a Legacy to be Proud of and it’s all because of Mary “Lil Louise” White and mama you should be proud of all your accomplishments, 4 generations. Children: Theodore W. Griffin Jr (Lydia) of Virginia Beach, Va. Calvin E. Griffin (Wanda) of Hinesville, Ga. Cynthia D. Griffin of Greenville, NC. Elder Leoardus V. White (Robin) of Fremont, NC Maurica White of Greenville, NC. Grandchildren: Sabrina L. Griffin, Theodore W. Griffin III, Philip D. Griffin, Sada C. Griffin, Calisha R. Griffin, Devon Moss, Alton L. Barber, Jahmeka M. Barber, Shawn E. White, Ashley V. White, Domonique I. R. White. Great Grandchildren: Veronica Mayfield, Willie Cochran, Za’kyah Cochran Neveah Griffin, Nariyah Griffin, Kenneth Griffin, Paul Griffin, Oakland Griffin, Chloe Griffin, Mackenzie Griffin, Mariah Griffin, Ciana Griffin, & Honestii Arzu, Imani Demons, Ny”Mari Moore, Kmya Wilkins, & Kaelynn A. Bryan Great Great Grands: Mila Mayfield Brother Ted Moore (Dorothy) of Blounts Creek, NC.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give special gratitude to Theodore W. Griffin Sr. “G-man Lock and Load” as a constant friend, confidant, and resource in my mother’s life. I honor you Daddy Theodore, “G-Dad” for all that you have done for our mother. May God extend your life and give you unmerited favor.

I believe all has been said and done and if anyone was left out please do not charge it to my heart but to my head. When trying to put together a generational tree it can be quite challenging and overwhelming. God bless you all and go in peace and let your light so shine because that is what “Lil Louise” would have wanted. Amen.