Athletes Of The Week: Emily Williams

Athletes Of The Week: Emily Williams

In Spring Creek’s Emily Williams opinion, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as playing basketball with her teammates and playing as hard as she possibly can.

Williams, who is only a freshman, has already blossomed into a leader and key contributor for the Gators as her high school career started.

“I have a sibling that plays sports, and he’s junior, and he’s always pushed me to better,” Williams said.

On a young Gators squad that features three freshmen, six sophomores, one junior and zero seniors, Williams was named a team captain.

That status has not come coincidentally. Williams has put in the work to make herself successful on and off the court.

“I love playing, and I love being with my teammates,” Williams said. “It’s a bond that you can’t really find anywhere else.”

Williams, who also plays volleyball and softball, works hard to become one of the Gators’ top players in all three sports.

Her coaches are proud of how far Williams had come, and Williams said it is nice to have coaches who believe in her and enable her to tap into her potential.

“I love all three sports, and I’m still trying to figure out which one I love the most, but I’ve been playing softball the longest,” Williams said.

Going into high school, Williams knew that balancing sports and schoolwork would be difficult but said she has developed a routine during the school year, and that balancing act will serve her well as she continues her high school career.

Williams will work hard over the next three years to improve her skills on the court. Williams stands out because of how hard she works on the court and in the classroom.

“We are a very young team, and I imagine that we’ll get better, and by my senior year, I think we’ll be good,” Williams said.

Williams is an integral part of a potential resurgence for the Gators. While Williams will not be the only reason why, she will be a crucial ingredient in the team’s success, and she figures to play a big part in the Gators’ fortunes in the future.

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