Saturday, March 06, 2021
GPD: Suspected Robber Shot By Juvenile Occupant

GPD: Suspected Robber Shot By Juvenile Occupant

Around 12:45 AM Saturday, officers with the Goldsboro Police Department responded to a report of a shooting on the 400 block of S. William Street. Upon arrival, officers discovered one of the apartment’s residents, 73-year-old Linda Ellis, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. Shortly thereafter, an additional subject was located near the intersection of William Street and Elm Street, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. This subject was later identified as 19-year-old Khalil Herring of Goldsboro. Both subjects were transported to Wayne UNC Health Care. Ellis was treated for non-life threatening injuries and is listed in stable condition. Herring succumbed to his injuries.

During the course of the GPD’s investigation, it was determined that two masked subjects forced their way into the residence, demanded money, and subsequently shot Ellis. During the robbery, a 12-year-old juvenile occupant of the residence shot at the suspects with a firearm in self-defense, causing them to flee the area. Preliminary evidence suggests Herring was one of the two masked intruders and was shot during the robbery. Charges against the juvenile occupant of the residence that fired the aforementioned gun are not anticipated by the Goldsboro Police Department. The investigation into the armed robbery and subsequent shootings is ongoing.

Anyone with information about this crime, or any other crime in the Wayne County area is asked to call or text Crime Stoppers at 919-735-2255 or submit a TIP at

  • James Last

    very good, give the young shooter a medal !

  • mon_dieu_ishmael

    Kalil Herring was a known felon

  • Jim Donaldson

    I wonder why there are no photos of the perp……

  • Affirmatively

    AMF– that’s a golf acronym said when your ball is heading deep into the woods, never to be seen again

  • Rick Smith

    They don’t expect to file charges????!!!! They should give the 12 year old a MEDAL for ridding the planet of a worthless piece of excrement! Too bad he didn’t eliminate the other perp!

  • Deborah Calhoun

    So sad this young man had to go through this traumatic experience, but what a hero he is! God be with you.

  • gail jones

    It’s time to repent. Jesus is near.

  • gail jones

    It’s time to repent

  • TwanTru

    Who is Khalil Herring?


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