Monday, March 01, 2021
Local Reps At Odds Over Forcing Schools To Reopen

Local Reps At Odds Over Forcing Schools To Reopen

(NORTH CAROLINA NEWS NETWORK) — By a mostly party line vote, the State House approved a bill to get more kids back to in person learning.

While both supporters and opponents of the bill agreed that children should be back to in person learning, they differed on the approach — and Democrats pointed out the bill is taking too much power from Governor Roy Cooper to deal with emergencies.

Republicans argued they’re are hearing pleas from parents and some teachers to get back into the classroom.

Democratic Rep. Raymond Smith of Wayne County said there’s a general consensus that schools should be open safety.

However, Smith says there’s no reason for the bill since the governor has already stated he wants schools reopened.

Republican Majority Leader Rep. John Bell related a personal experience about the struggle of his daughter struggling to read online in her remote kindergarten classes.

The Senate still must vote once more on the bill before it would head to Governor Roy Cooper’s desk.

  • Wayne Wuori

    Hmmm… Forcing schools to reopen. Who “forced” them to close? Who “forces” children to attend public school in the first place? Who is “forcing” everyone to comply with these COVID based directives? You have to ask yourself why Democrats are so bent on restricting freedom and keeping everyone under control.

    • Wayne County Citizen


  • melvinsr50

    Reopen schools safely, Gov. Cooper is applying this approach! Why make this a political issue with a “bill”? If it’s not broken, why fix it! Leave our kids out of a power grab.


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