County, School Officials Meet On Fremont Elementary Planning

The Fremont Elementary School plan.

County, School Officials Meet On Fremont Elementary Planning

On Tuesday, a working group of staff and elected officials met to continue the initial planning discussions for the new Fremont Elementary School. The working group was developed as part of a collaborative effort between the Wayne County Board of Commissioners and the Wayne County Board of Education to ensure a smooth and successful completion of the county’s newest school facility.

“We look forward to continuing this relationship with the Board of Education as both groups work through the details on a new school in the northern end of the County,” stated Board of Commissioners Chairman Wayne Aycock. “Our Board remains focused on education and the future of our children, and our responsibility to provide the facilities to make that happen is a priority.”

Board of Education Chair Don Christopher West added, “By approaching this school project together, each group will be able to provide input as this process moves forward. With both Boards working jointly, we can look forward to a more successful end result which will benefit Wayne County and ultimately those students, staff and families who will have the opportunity to be a part of this new school once it is complete.”

Wayne County was awarded a $15 million grant through the State’s Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund grant program for Fremont Elementary. As a requirement of the grant, the County must match at least $5 million out of its local budget. Additionally, the County will forfeit lottery funds of $1.2 million annually for five years. This loss of revenue must be recovered in the County’s local budget to continue debt service on prior school construction.


The Fremont Elementary School plan