Council Hears From District 1 Candidates

Council Hears From District 1 Candidates

The Goldsboro City Council has just about two weeks before it selects its newest member.

Monday evening, the council heard from two candidates wishing to be the next representative for District 1.

The two candidates are Hiawatha Jones and Yvonnia Moore, and each had a chance to give a presentation to the council.

Jones spoke first and noted that she is aware of the areas of poverty within her district.

She says she wants to ensure everyone has a voice at the city council and she want’s to work toward unity on the council.

Jones says she would like to enhance public safety in District 1 neighborhoods and provide additional support for the growing elderly population.

Moore had her chance next and says District 1 is remarkably diverse.

She wants to ensure the economic vitality of District 1 remains a priority and she hopes to represent all voices on the council.

Moore would like to see more economic development in the district, including a new community center and improved sidewalks.

A third candidate, Washea Lancaster, withdrew her application before Monday’s meeting.

The council may appoint the new council member at its February 15th meeting.

The District 1 vacancy was created when Antonio Williams stepped down from the Goldsboro City Council after he was elected to the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.