Norwayne Alumni & Friends, Inc. Focuses On Community

Norwayne Alumni & Friends, Inc. Focuses On Community

For over 48 years, Norwayne Alumni and Friends, Inc. has focused on having a positive impact on the community where it is headquartered. The Alumni organization has recently partnered with the Christian Fellowship Alliance of Fremont, a 13-year-old nonprofit foodbank organization, by providing a space for their operations and distributions.

Tony Sutton, a Norwayne Alumnus and pastor of St. James Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Fremont, serves as president of Renewal Place, the umbrella organization for the Christian Fellowship Alliance. The mission of Renewal Place is to provide food, resources, and other support for the citizens of Fremont. The fellowship is comprised of seventeen local churches that sought to address the economic instability and food insecurity in the community by establishing a foodbank.

Mr. Sutton was elected president of the board of the Christian Fellowship Alliance when Ira Reynolds, past president of the fellowship and former pastor of First Baptist of Fremont, relocated to Charlotte. “Assuming the role as president in 2018 was a no brainer,” stated Mr. Sutton. “I am a product of this community, so I want the best for it.”

When asked what his biggest concern was, Mr. Sutton noted that it is the impact of the pandemic. His prayer is that they will not have to shut down due to the virus. He is grateful that the Norwayne Alumni opened its doors to allow the foodbank to operate out of its headquarters. “We also plan to continue to work together with the Norwayne Alumni organization to be a help to our community by bringing in jobs, assisting with health care, and addressing other community concerns as needed.”

Tony Moore, director of the foodbank, is also a Norwayne Alumnus. Mr. Moore oversees distribution, food donations, and volunteer recruitment. “We need monetary gifts, non-perishable foods, and volunteers to ensure the foodbank’s success,” said Mr. Moore. “This is a much-needed service in the community. People are always telling me how much they appreciate the foodbank and the difference it is making in their lives.”

The Christian Fellowship Alliance foodbank meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 10 am- 12 noon, at the Norwayne Alumni and Friends Headquarters, 106 East Norwayne Alumni Way, Fremont, NC 27830. On any given third Tuesday, Christian Fellowship Alliance’s foodbank typically serves about 115 households which equates to about 275 people.

“While the Norwayne Alumni organization traditionally focuses on giving scholarships, serving the Fremont community is also very important to the organization,” stated Larry Jones, the Norwayne Alumni president. “What makes the situation exceptionally tough is the extreme need that existed before the pandemic hit.”  He also encouraged community involvement and support of this initiative to help secure a permanent home for the foodbank. “To ensure that the foodbank moves forward and grows stronger and remains a strong presence in the community.”

The Norwayne Alumni and Friends, Inc. was founded in 1972 by graduates of Norwayne High School. We are a non-profit, community focused organization, dedicated to supporting and assisting students primarily in the northern Wayne area in their pursuit of higher education. To date we are proud to have provided scholarships for approximately 500 students. Funds raised are also used to support other qualified needs in the surrounding community. Additionally, you will be supporting high school students to fulfill their dream of a college education.